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Todays 10 tips of fitness, Friday November 23rd.

23 Nov

Todays 10 tips of Fitness, Friday November 22nd.

1.) Stay in today, try not to get overwhelmed in the holiday desert platters every place you go, set a daily goal.

2.) focus on your self care in this time of year, eat good, salt baths, exercise when you can, it will help with the stress around you.

3.) schedule your workouts, get them in your calendar like a doctors appointment, you will feel better, and remember we effect those around us.

4.) sleep, Rest is just as important as working out, take a nap.

5.) get the right shoes for your workouts.

6.) look in the mirror and say “i am doing a good job”

7.) drink water throughout the day.

8.) did you throw out your canola oil yet? i hope so because its toxic.

9.) make a gratitude list, 5-10 things you are grateful for, try and do it when you wake up or when you go to bed.