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Motivation. I love my job.

29 Apr

Hello everyone,

My job is to motivate my clients to workout, eat good, stretch, drink water.
Results you cant touch.
My clients feel better when the following things happen in our ONE hour session, yes one hour thats not a long time out of ones day, its nothing really, think about how many hours we are awake and just that ONE HOUR out of your day CAN help you live longer, feel better, move better, increase your energy, build your self esteem.
When I started doing personal training as a career I had no idea that I would be helping people transform there lives on this level, I knew that by choosing this career I would be helping people build self esteem and move in the world better but i had no idea how much this ONE HOUR I spent with all of my AMAZING clients could have this impact.
I knew why I worked out (for more then half of my life) I felt better from it. Personal training is helping people feel better in the world, such an honest buck.
Working out has been a part of my LIFESTYLE for over 20 years now and making working out apart of your life is what it takes, it is work yes but an hour of your day is not so much work its not like an 8 hour shift at the 9-5, its something for yourself.(not the man)
What motivates you? a trainer? a workout buddy? group fitness?
Find something that will help you get your heart rate up and get some resistance training in there as well, our heart is a muscle and we need to work it, our bones will increase density if we workout.
make a music mix, go outside now that the weather is nice, go do it for YOU!
Thank You
Ace Morgan Fitness