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How is 2018 so far?

3 Jan


Get out of your comfort zone. 

20 Sep

Looking for results?

Step out of the same routine you have been doing. What does that look like? Adding interval training or eating cleaner, less processed foods, doing full body circuits at least two or three times a week.

Prepare for your workout. Have the proper nutrition before you step on the floor and have the proper nutrition waiting for you when your done. Remember food is fuel, we get our energy from food, don’t think of it as the enemy, when your getting n proper nutrition you will have a better recovery and more energy.

Write up your workouts for the week, keep a log of what your workouts are going to be and mix it up every week, keeping track of your workouts will help you get out of that rut and it will help you get the results your looking for.

Have a great workout!

Move better feel great!


Image 10 Mar



Buy someone a gift certificate

16 Dec


Friday, November 30th, 2012

30 Nov

Let your light shine!

This is your life! Move better and feel great.


Todays 10 tips of fitness, Friday November 23rd.

23 Nov

Todays 10 tips of Fitness, Friday November 22nd.

1.) Stay in today, try not to get overwhelmed in the holiday desert platters every place you go, set a daily goal.

2.) focus on your self care in this time of year, eat good, salt baths, exercise when you can, it will help with the stress around you.

3.) schedule your workouts, get them in your calendar like a doctors appointment, you will feel better, and remember we effect those around us.

4.) sleep, Rest is just as important as working out, take a nap.

5.) get the right shoes for your workouts.

6.) look in the mirror and say “i am doing a good job”

7.) drink water throughout the day.

8.) did you throw out your canola oil yet? i hope so because its toxic.

9.) make a gratitude list, 5-10 things you are grateful for, try and do it when you wake up or when you go to bed.



Weekend getaway

5 Nov

Hello everyone,

What a great day in the Bay Area today.

I was just away with my girlfriend this weekend and it’s just what my body needed. Rest!

I am running Ace Morgan Fitness, a single parent/ co-parent with my ex and I have a girlfriend, saying all that, I am over worked and not taking the time to relax my mind, body and spirit.

I think this is something most of us suffer from, I know I am not special in this department. I know first hand as I talk with clients six days a week about their lives.

Most of us are awake and going from 7 am till 10 pm with just a little bit of rest in there. We are eating breakfast on the go, walking down the street shoving a bagel in our mouths or a cheese and egg croissant, along with a hot coffee dripping down our arm, catching the train or bus, jumping in the carpool commuter line, driving in traffic over the bridge. We get to work and we take our lunch break at the desk or seated in a cafe, then we drive home to eat dinner, put the kids to bed and pass out from exhaustion. Then we wake up and repeat.

I am encouraging all of you to stop and take time to eat, chew your food, take a salt bath after a hard workout, rest if your body is tired. Eat more whole foods, think about the shelf life in what your eating. If its in a wrapper, or in plastic it is probably not the best thing for you. I know we are tired and we don’t have time to cook so we want to open and eat. I get it, I have been there I remember when my daughter was born, I was so tired I just wanted to open eat not cook, then I discovered batch cooking! Wow, this has changed my life and I see what it has done to clients. When we are cooking we know what we are eating, that’s important for a healthy body and mind, you will actually find that you will have more energy once you get in the routine of batch cooking, make enough for dinner and lunch, or heck, eat what you had for dinner for breakfast, call me bananas, but there is nothing wrong with eating greens in the morning, along with some salmon, put down the cereal box and eat some real whole foods. Give it a try for one week and let me know if you feel better, mentally, physically.

I am wishing Everyone a great November ahead.

Be Well,