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Today’s 10 tips of fitness.

19 Aug

10 tips of fitness

1.) Be kind to yourself

2.) Get out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself. If you have been doing the same routine for a few months, time to switch it up.

3.) Do interval training, 30 seconds as hard as you can go then one minute of rest, do this for 10 minutes, if it’s easy do 15 and if that is easy do 20. If you feel faint STOP. you will burn more fat in a shorter amount of time.

4.) Eat Kale!

5.) check out a farmers market in your area get your eggs and veggies there some even have meat, get you r food the freshest.

6. Take a salt bath, ahhhh I always sleep better and it help with muscle Soreness. It is great!

7.) think about the shelf life in the food you eat, if it’s in a box or wrapped up in plastic it’s probably not good for you.

8.) look at serving sizes, often you will finish off something and it was a two or three serving size item.

9.) take the stairs

10.) NEVER give up, NEVER!




Today’s 10 tips of fitness. Monday May 30th, 2013

30 Apr

Today’s 10 tips of fitness May 30th 2013

1.) Do you live in the Bay Area? If so get some water this week it will be hot out!

2.) How is your nutrition? Keep a food log for a month and see if your getting better results. On your food log, make sure your getting veggies every meal, yes even for breakfast.

3.) Throw in an interval training twice a week, this can be done on the treadmill, stairmaster, elliptical, or at your house walking in place then running in place.
Start of with 30 seconds as hard as you can go for 30 seconds, then slow pace for 1 min. Do this for 20 minutes. This is a great challenge for your heart and your burning more calories in a shorter amount of time. If you feel faint, stop!

4.) B kind to yourself.

5.) Is your goal is to loose weight? be patient, it’s going to come off if you change your lifestyle, it could take 6 months to a year. This is not long, it seems like an eternity, we want to look in the mirror and see a different body, it will happen, just stick with it, cut out sugar, and processed foods.

6.) incorporate a rotator cuff warm up (light weight) at least once a week, this is a great preventative, this is the core of the shoulder, it needs to be stable like the core of the body.

7.) Salt bath, salt bath, salt bath.

8.) What is your breakfast like? Cereal? I would throw that out, it’s not good for you, processed and a long shelf life = not whole food.

9.) If your training 2 days a week This is maintenance, 3 and 4 days a week you. Will be getting results.

10.) Never give up, Never.

Ace Morgan


Today’s 10 tips of fitness. Saturday December 1st.

1 Dec

Today’s top 10 tips of fitness Saturday December 1st

1.) wow! December 1st, lets go! 2013 is just ahead. Be gentle this month, every time I turn a corner there is a desert platter in front of me! And it is so much work for me, Ace Morgan Fitness, to turn down a chocolate chip cookie, it’s willpower, work, you name it, it’s hard, so be gental with yourself. Come January that will all stop. (Desert platters)

2.) who’s life? Yup, yours so let’s be kind to ourselves.

3.) I say it all the time, there is no magical powder or pill. It’s all in your food and workout. We all want a quick fix, a Scooby snack, that is a fantasy, it’s all you.

4.) salt bath.

5.) try jumping rope, it’s hard, and gets it done! You can do it in your house or at the gym, outside, in the park.

6.) do you like to cook? Great, if yes, then there is more then half your battle. Bulk cook and freeze it, make enough for two or three meals.

7.) look up paleo.

8.) NEVER let your food supply run out at your home, we must always be feeding ourselves with great nutrition. When we run out of food, we eat junk.

9.) cook some grassfed beef in, add some organic marinara to it. Shred some purple cabbage and carrots, put the combination of the carrots and shredded cabbage on a plate, in two piles. Put two scoops of grass fed beef on top, then on top of that put some avocado. Eat it with some sweet potato. And drink some water. Yum! Enjoy!





10 tips of fitness, Tuesday November 20th.

20 Nov

Today’s 10 fitness tips. Tuesday November 20th 2012.
Pick one, three or all

1.) smarter not harder

2.) your heart is a muscle, work it.

3.) abundance

4.) salt bath

5.) I repeat, throw out your canola oil, it’s toxic

6.) gratitude

7.) you just gotta show up, that’s all.

8.) keep a fitness journal, you can log your progress

9.) set a fitness goal every month, ” I will hold a plank for one minute”, ” I will get through 15 minutes of interval training”, ” I will do 5 pull ups”





10 tips of fitness for today

16 Nov

10 fitness tips for today, November 16th 2012

1.) breath

2.) eat some healthy fats

3.) foam roll

4.) love yourself

5.) drink water with lemon in it

6.) sit still for a minimum of 5 minutes.

7.) rest

8.) take a salt bath

9.) go to the gym

10.) never give up!

Have a great day!