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Best of the Bay

5 Dec

Thank you to everyone that voted for me!!

best of the Bay Awards!


Today’s 10 FREE tips of fitness.

4 Nov

today’s 10 tips of free fitness

November fourth 2013!

1.) Drink water first thing in the morning. We get so dehydrated at night. when we get up, most of us put coffee in our system first thing, try water then coffee.

2.) How is your breakfast? Get your healthy fats and veggies in there. Eat the whole egg. That yolk is good for your brain.

3.) what’s your motivator? A workout buddy? A music mix? An app? Find something that will get you motivated, that could be setting a goal for either numbers/ measurements for your body or numbers on any cardio machines or how much weight your lifting, how many pull ups or push ups you can do? Keep a log.

4.) Make gratitude list. Things your grateful for, it helps set the tone for the day or before bed.

5.) Only we, you, or I can really can change the way we think. Look in the mirror and say ” I am great, I am doing a good job”

6.) Are you tired of hearing yourself say the same thing over and over? Remember we effect everyone around us, responsibility.


8.) Keep working on your rotator cuff muscles, they need to get strong before we can get in heavy chest, also improves posture! Keep it light. This is what I like to call a pre-hab thing.

9.) batch cook, get at least a pond and a half of all,of your meats, stock your freezer, this way you will, have enough for a few meals. Save money at lunch.





Burn fat and build muscle

2 Aug

Try these five movements.

Keep your belly button pulled into the spine.
Remember to breath, try one set, see how you feel then do another set.

This is a full body workout, you are using everything, stay focused.


Today’s 10 tips of fitness.

20 Mar

Today’s 10 tips of fitness. May 20th 2013.

1.) How is your high intense interval training? This is a great way to challenge the heart, get your cardio done in just 20 minutes. Your fast run, stairmaster, or jump rope will be 20-40 seconds long, followed by a one minute sllllllloooooow pace, then repeat for the full 20 minutes. (If you feel light headed or faint, stop.)

2.) prepare before you workout. Pack a light snack, a piece of fruit and some almonds, this way you can feed your body quickly after your workout, your depleted, calories going in and calories going out. Whole food. Not powder.

3.) drink water, all day and night.

4.) buy a foam roller, roll your whole body. Myo facia release. This is like having a massage therapist. Best $20 bucks you can spend.

5.) fitness tip: 20 air squats, 20 push ups, 20 upright rows, 20 sit-ups. Do two or three rounds, drink water at the begging of each set for a quick rest.

6.) nutrition tip: look up alkalizing foods, and eat them.

7.) Rest, Rest, Rest, Rest, you can over train.

8.) buy a jump rope, it’s easy to carry, you can bring it on a trip, or to the gym, or use it at home. Great way to get your heart rate up and burn some calories.

9.) people always ask, how do I get a six pack? I tell them, “they are made in the kitchen, it’s all about nutrition and cardiovascular training”

10.) never give up! Never.





Today’s FREE 10 tips of fitness. December 7th, 2012

7 Dec

Today’s 10 tips of fitness. Friday December 7th.

1.) how are your knees? Try foam rolling your legs, glutes (butt) IT band, and I mean all leg muscles, our legs are contracting when we walk, so they are tight. Get your quads, hamstrings, IT band and glutes. Lets see if this will give your knees some relief.

2.) today’s snack: yams and almonds

3.) you need to hold your stretches for a minimum of 45 seconds, we get tight, the older we are the tighter we are, are muscles have been contracting for many years, when we are walking we are contacting our legs, when we are sitting our lower back and hips get tight. Average person sits for 14 hours a day. Back pain is usually from tight muscles and a weak core, unless you have an injury. When we are sitting the ilopsoas which connects to the lower back is contracting when we sit.

4.) do you get to go to the farmers market? If you live in the Bay Area like I do, we have one almost every day of the week. Support the local farmers and eat what is in season. Whole foods, and we know who make them, where there coming from.

5.) I want you to think about the horizontal plan of the body. The saggital plane of the body is what we are in when we are walking and biking. The horizontal plane is side stepping, arms out shoulder blades together. Watch your knees in the side stepping lateral movements. This will fire up your medial glutes, which we need.

6.) try almond milk instead of milk in your coffee, paying attention to dairy.

7.) pause……

8.) fitness challenge today: foam roll and stretch. If you don’t have a foam roller get one, or put it on your gift list.

9.) how is your posture doing? I talk a lot about medial rotation. Are your shoulders rolling in to the mid-line of the body? This can be corrected if we catch it early, our pec muscles are tight, amongst some of the other muscles in your upper body. Try and get your shoulder blades to come together when training. Heart and sternum out. I will have a great video up soon on some FREE tips on a few movements to help with this.

10.) it’s all you! Never and I mean never give up, you are so with it.