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Set the tone for the day.

23 May

Set the tone for your day.

1.) “it’s going to be a great day”

2.) “I am grateful for the food in my refrigerator”

3.) “I am what I eat”

4.) ” I am going to make my bed and eat a great breakfast”

5.)” I am going to plan my workouts for the week”

6.)” I am going to be kind to myself. ”

7.) “I am going to drink water throughout my day and squeeze some lemon in, because its good for my PH -balance.”

8.) “I am going to eat my vegetables because they are good for my body and its like my liquid dran-o.”

9.) “when I take care of myself, I am being a role model for my family.”

10.) NEVER GIVE UP! Never.




10 tips of fitness, Monday November 19th

19 Nov

Today’s 10 tips of fitness – Monday November 19th 2012

1.) weigh yourself once a month (not everyday)

2.) try chia seeds

3.) no dairy today

4.) remember to breath

5.) look in the mirror and say ” I am great”

6.) walk, run, bike, swim, roller blade, play ball.

7.) look up PH balance, eat alkaline foods today.

8.) I am cheering for you!

9.) make a music mix for your workout