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Stressed out?

11 Nov

In my 13 years as a personal trainer, people walk into a session either stressed out or at a bottom in their lives, at a bottom with weight loss or in their personal lives outside of physical fitness.

I have never heard a client say “I feel terrible,” or “I am more stressed out,” after a training session, In fact after getting in a great workout my clients tell me that they feel so much better. Studies have proven over and over, that when we elevate our heart rate and work our muscles we feel better, we are creating brain function and detoxing and so much more.

I know it takes a lot of work to get in the door, get out of that comfort zone, hitting a bottom is vulnerable, that’s why I like to create an atmosphere that says, “come as you are” I will meet you where ever you’re at.

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El Cerrito


San Francisco


Have a great week ahead!

If your in northern or Southern California like I am, stay indoors or wear that mask.

Be Well,

Move better, feel great!

-Ace Morgan


My full body workout today.

10 Apr

How is 2018 so far?

3 Jan

Best of the Bay

5 Dec

Thank you to everyone that voted for me!!

best of the Bay Awards!

50% off personal training.

10 Oct

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October is take back your body month.

Have a great weekend!



Monday’s chest workout – 60 day challenge.

8 Jun

Hello Everyone,

Genetics are everything, having said that some of us are blessed and some of us need to work harder to meet our goals.
Look at your family (if you can) and look at the body you desire and then think about what that person is doing realistically to have that body. There is NO quick fix period.
I find over and over and over that people that have the body you or I desire are working really hard to have it, eating good and doing their cardiovascular training.


Here is my chest workout and some food for monday June 6th.


40LBS X 12, 50LBS X 10, 55LBS X8, 45LBS X10, 35LBS X12

25LBS x12, 30LBS x10, 35LBS x 8, 25LBS x10, 20LBS x12

95LBS X12, 115LBS X10, 115LBS X10, 95LBS X 10

50LBS X12, 55LBS X 10, 60LBS X 8, 65LBS X 6, 50LBS X12



5 eggs with bell peppers and a cup of oatmeal.

two turkey burgers and a cup of quina

builders bar

peanut butter and jelly

builders bar

pad tai

Thank you

Ace Morgan

Create the life you want and the body you desire!

16 Dec


Create the life you want! Achieve the body you desire!

Live to your fullest potential!

Co-Active Coach, Fresh! White and Certified Fitness Trainer, Ace Morgan

bring you

The 2011 2-for-1 Life and Fitness Coaching Program

Maybe 2010 was all you wanted it to be. You enjoyed life with your magical partner, you did the work you wanted to do, you vacationed frequently and you worked out regularly to stay healthy and fit. If this is your story congratulations! You certainly have a lot to celebrate…and there’s more.

For many of us New Years is a time when we set our goals for the year. Determined to meet them, we decide that this is the year we will begin living the life we want. We’ll find the right job, complete writing the book we’ve been working on/thinking about; we’ll meditate more, play often and clear our homes of clutter… How many years have we committed to achieving the healthy body we want? We may just want to improve our flexibility, or maybe we want to loose or gain weight or muscle. We join a club get rolling and we fall off our workout plan 1, 2 or 3 months after we started.

“The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

You can live the life you desire, in the body you want with the
The 2011 2-for-1 Life and Fitness Coaching Program

Fresh! White and Ace Morgan have come together to offer a low cost coaching and fitness program because we want you to achieve your goals and dreams. We know its can be to live the life you want when you have someone in your corner who is focused on you being the best that you can be and achieving the best you can achieve, and we are just the guys for the job.

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.” – Tony Robbins

You already have all the tools you need. We help you to take them into action towards living and experiencing your goals and dreams. It doesn’t matter how big or how small your achievements may seem, they are huge when you get there, celebrate them and use them as stepping stones for your next aspiration.

When you are doing the work you love, (be it paid or not) and keeping your body healthy and strong, you create a better life experience for you and for those around you. You can be happy!

For the low price of $100.00 a week, we are offering One hour of Co-Active Life Coaching and One Hour of Fitness Training. That’s two hours of coaching a week for up to 9 weeks.

It’s 2011. Haven’t you waited long enough to live the life you desire?

“It always seems impossible until its done.” Nelson Mandela

We promise you that after just 4 weeks of working with both of us you will see a shift and change in the way you look at and move towards your goals. As your body begins to move more towards it’s potential, you will experience more space and clearing in your mind to focus on your career, life, education and artistic goals.

Why such a low rate? Many of the clients that we focus on are new entrepreneurs, artists, activists, nonprofit staff, educators, students and folks who are under-employed. While many of these folks can and do pay our full rates, there are many others who cannot. We figure what better time than the holidays to allow ALL people to sample our services and provide an opportunity to more of those who normally regularly afford them.

Who are we?

“The real key to being of service and living your purpose is simply to do what you LOVE to do — whatever it may be.” Rebecca Fine


Ace Morgan is a certified Professional Fitness Trainer with 5 ½ years experience helping people from all walks of life and at all fitness levels achieve their fitness goals. Ace offers one-to-one as well as group training. His clients are people of all ages and include, stay at home moms, business and non-profit professionals, acrobats, artists and more. Ace helps you get fit and maintain your fitness through core and flexibility training. Ace also offers a focus on muscle imbalance correction, an important part of his work and a key to you achieving a stronger, healthier body. Ace knows that when we are in great shape, we can do great things and he’s here to help make that happen. – Email: acemorganfitness@gmail.com

Fresh! White is a CTI Trained, Co-Active Coach and member of the ICF. Fresh! has been coaching for more than 3 years and will finish certification over the next several weeks. What is Co-Active Coaching? It’s a type of coaching where the client and coach hold equal power in the coaching relationship for the purpose of transformation for the client to achieve their goals. My clients include emerging entrepreneurs, students (High School – PHD), activists, artists, coaches and more. Email: fresh@affirmativeacts.org

Please contact us for more information: fresh@affirmativeacts.org or acemorganfitness@gmail.com

“What’s wrong with wanting more? If you can fly – then soar! With all there is – why settle for just a piece of sky?” – Barbara Streisand

Program Ends January 31, 2011 – Sign up Today!