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7 things to change in 2017

3 Jan


Today’s 10 tips of fitness. 1-7-13

7 Jan

Today’s fitness tips January 7th, 2013

1.) one week into the new year! How does it feel so far?

2.) if your trying to lose weight, you must look at your nutrition, and ask yourself if your heart rate has been up consistently for a minimum of 20 minutes. You must get out of your old behavior, your comfort zone.

3.) what do you want for yourself? In your body. Start to imagine what you can have, don’t think about how long it will take, time flys. I know not fast enough sometimes. Be patient. It will come. If you want to lose weight that can happen, if you want to gain more muscle, that can happen. If you told me you wanted a third arm I can’t help you, weight loss and muscle? Lets go!

4.) Be kind to yourself

5.) last night I was walking to my car and I heard a man screaming for help, he was in just a t-shirt and his underwear, it was cold out. I paused, I thought is this situation ok? I was watching him for a second, it looked like he was reaching for a walker that was not there, or trying to grab onto something. I went over to him, and I could not tell if he was on something, if he fell down and it his head, so I said are you ok? He could not hear me so well, I said “can I help you” He said “take me downstairs” I said “your outside on the sidewalk” I said “grab my arm”, he did and he felt at ease right away, I said ” your doing great” he said “what I am dying” I said “no, your doing great”, he said it agin “I am dying” I said “I am here with you, you’re doing great” I took him toward the building I thought he came from, he was old, frail. I said “do you live here?” He said ” I have never been here before” it was an apt. For old folks, then He heard my partners voice, he said to her “hey take me to rose, I want to go downstairs” My partner started banging on windows of the building, finally someone came out. It was a woman and a man. “Hey mr. Smith, it’s me Helen” Helen looked at me and said ” he’s blind, I just woke up his wife, he must have wandered outside” I thought “oh this explains the reaching, and the ease he felt when he had my arm, and holding on to the car outside and leaning on the light post. ” I know I live in the city and I can be so desensitized to things around me or, not want to get involved. This poor man could have been hurt, something worse, it was cold out and he was so frail. Sometimes it’s good to pause. I am grateful for my life. We must respect the elders, they need to be taken care of and not forgotten.

6.) today’s fitness tip: rotator cuff warm ups

7.) nutrition tip: lemon water

8.) do you smoke? Stop now, you will live longer. (And it stinks)

9.) Your silence will not protect you. -Audre Lorde

10.) Never give up.