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Give the gift of health and fitness.

23 Nov

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10 Apr

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5 Apr

Free tips of fitness

30 Nov

Today’s 10 FREE tips of fitness.

1.) How is your rest? So important, it’s just as important as working out. Make sure you get to bed early and turn off your electronics. This is how we build muscle, resting.

2.) How is that gratitude list?

3.) Remember every moment is precious, time really does fly, I can’t believe it!

4.) throw in a yoga class or a home video. I just did a Rodney Yee video last night at my house, great way to wind down and get your flexibility in.

5.) pause

6.) jump rope

7.) Take the stairs

8.) eat veggies every meal, yes EVERY MEAL.

9.) we are effected by those around us, are your surroundings uplifting or are they weighing you down? Something to think about.



Today’s 10 tips of fitness. Saturday December 1st.

1 Dec

Today’s top 10 tips of fitness Saturday December 1st

1.) wow! December 1st, lets go! 2013 is just ahead. Be gentle this month, every time I turn a corner there is a desert platter in front of me! And it is so much work for me, Ace Morgan Fitness, to turn down a chocolate chip cookie, it’s willpower, work, you name it, it’s hard, so be gental with yourself. Come January that will all stop. (Desert platters)

2.) who’s life? Yup, yours so let’s be kind to ourselves.

3.) I say it all the time, there is no magical powder or pill. It’s all in your food and workout. We all want a quick fix, a Scooby snack, that is a fantasy, it’s all you.

4.) salt bath.

5.) try jumping rope, it’s hard, and gets it done! You can do it in your house or at the gym, outside, in the park.

6.) do you like to cook? Great, if yes, then there is more then half your battle. Bulk cook and freeze it, make enough for two or three meals.

7.) look up paleo.

8.) NEVER let your food supply run out at your home, we must always be feeding ourselves with great nutrition. When we run out of food, we eat junk.

9.) cook some grassfed beef in, add some organic marinara to it. Shred some purple cabbage and carrots, put the combination of the carrots and shredded cabbage on a plate, in two piles. Put two scoops of grass fed beef on top, then on top of that put some avocado. Eat it with some sweet potato. And drink some water. Yum! Enjoy!





Todays 10 tips of fitness, Friday November 23rd.

23 Nov

Todays 10 tips of Fitness, Friday November 22nd.

1.) Stay in today, try not to get overwhelmed in the holiday desert platters every place you go, set a daily goal.

2.) focus on your self care in this time of year, eat good, salt baths, exercise when you can, it will help with the stress around you.

3.) schedule your workouts, get them in your calendar like a doctors appointment, you will feel better, and remember we effect those around us.

4.) sleep, Rest is just as important as working out, take a nap.

5.) get the right shoes for your workouts.

6.) look in the mirror and say “i am doing a good job”

7.) drink water throughout the day.

8.) did you throw out your canola oil yet? i hope so because its toxic.

9.) make a gratitude list, 5-10 things you are grateful for, try and do it when you wake up or when you go to bed.