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Today’s 10 tips of fitness Saturday November 24th 2012

24 Nov

Today’s 10 fitness tips. Saturday November 24th 2012.

1.) Do not weigh yourself everyday. Once a month.

2.) eat healthy fats, do not be afraid to eat fat, eat fat lose fat. (Real talk)

3.) have you tried a circuit lately? Try this one: 15 crunches, run in place for a min, 15 squats, hill climbers for one minute, bicep curls x15, jump rope for a minute, reverse fly with dumbbells x15 burpees for one minute. Then repeat. Enjoy!

4.) cook your veggies in coconut oil, or ghee. (Not olive oil, it becomes toxic when it’s too hot).

5.) why lemon water in the morning first thing? It is alkalizing to the body and helps with detoxing, digestion , liver cleanse, skin. On an empty stomach first thing.

6.) have fun, laugh more.

7.) one day at a time, enjoy each day. Life is short and so precious.

8.) work with what you have, you don’t need a gym. You can train anyplace.

9.) if you work out just one day a week you live longer, imagine if you worked out two days, it’s only TWO hours a week. You got this!

10.) never give up!




Lemon water

26 Oct


Squeeze some Lemon in your water today.

Here are some facts.

1.) Liver cleanse
2.) High in vitamen C
3.) Stimulates metabolisim
4.) Even though water and lemons are both acidic in nature, they are very alkalizing to your body when ingested. The more alkaline your body is, the happier and healthier your body will be!

There are so many more this is just to get you started.


Ace Morgan


How is the food…

30 Apr

How is the food log going for Everyone?


Remember to start off your day with a glass of water and squeeze some lemon in it.


I am putting up five of the seven challengers today.
on the 90 day challenge blog.