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Food Shopping with a client.

5 Dec

Hello Everyone,

I went shopping with a client last week at my favorite grocery store, Berkeley Bowl.
I felt like I one a shopping spree,fill your cart with as much stuff as you can in a certin amount of time. So fun.
We had a great time. We went over food that he does not like before we shopped and then I went to town, filling up his cart with meat, veggies, fruit.
I would say it was a 85% paleo.

After we were done shopping I put together ideas for all of the food we bought, a menu of sorts and ideas on how to cook the food, we get stuck cooking the same food over and over again, its nice to give clients a new and healthier menu to work with. We are what we eat.

Ask me about taking you shopping.

Are you NOT getting results?

Like I always say nutrition is 85% of the battle.
I will sit and go over your nutrition and what you have been eating, you will start a food log ASAP.

We need to find out why your not getting the results you want.
Remember food can cause inflammation in the body and just weigh you down.

Thank You
Ace Morgan