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Group fitness in Dolores park.

26 Aug


every Monday at 2PM


All levels welcome.

– $20 donation.

– Bring a towel
– Bring water
– Bring yourself
– Bring a mat

Eat at least a half an hour before the workout.

Have a great day!




Group Fitness Dolores park SF.

25 Aug

Group fitness EVERY MONDAY at 2PM.

Meet at the Miguel statue.

Bring a mat
Bring a towel
Bring water

All levels welcome.


Group fitness

29 Jul

Every Monday 2PM

Dolores Park SF.

Bring a mat
Bring water
Bring yourself

This class will get your heart rate up and we will focus on the whole body. Circuit training. One minute intervals.

All levels welcome.


Group fitness Monday. 2P

16 Jun

I will see you all tomorrow and EVERY Monday at 2P.

Meet in DOLORES park at the Miguel statue.

Bring water

Bring a mat

Bring yourself!

Eat at least a half an hour before you come.



Group fitness today at 2P in Dolores Park

10 Jun

Today at 2P. Group fitness in Dolores Park.

All levels are welcome.

Bring a mat, water and eat at least a half an hour before.

Meet at the Miguel statue.


Group Fitness.

8 Jun

Hello Everyone!

I am doing some great group fitness classes.
Come and check out one of them.
Burn some calories and detox.

~ bring a mat
~ bring a towel
~ eat at LEAST a half hour before class

I hope You all have a great weekend.



1 Jun

Hello Everyone,

I have never been about the false sense of a hollywood body. I am and have always been about helping people “move better and feel great” celebrate what your working with.

In my seven year carrier as a personal trainer I have watched bodies change, energy increase, med’s cut in half and completely stop taking them depending on the medication.

It is proven over and over again that we are meant to move our bodies, how ever that is, and nutrition is the battle as I talk about often.

I did not grow up eating the best food, I had a uncle that was a trainer and that is how I got a taste (literally) of how to eat decent. I woke up and ate sugar cereal, I ate fast food, I ate a lot of candy, I used to sell it in school for ca$h. I am still trying to undo old eating habits, it is not easy.

I am trying to help people feel good in the world. I am at your side rooting for you.

I hope Everyone has a great weekend, here in the bay area it is Bananas nice out!

Ace Morgan