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Today’s 10 free tips of fitness. Monday december 10th 2012

10 Dec

Today’s 10 tips of fitness. Monday, December 10th 2012.

1.) how was your rest over the weekend? Be kind to your self today.

2.) emotional eating comes up a lot in my practice. It’s real, whew, it’s not an easy topic. I know I fall into it as well. It’s hard. I find myself at a get together and I might be having some social anxiety so I will graze the snack table, eating the junk, cheese, cookies, on and on. I find it to be a way for me to act out my nervous energy. Anyone else have this? Try and watch it, awareness is out first step for change. I will encourage you all to not to eat all of the junk at the parties. Such will power! Black belt style.

3.) I had a great meeting today with http://www.grassfedgirl.com check out Caitlin’s website. Learning yet again about how important it is to eat the whole egg yolk, and how oatmeal is just a big inflammatory, if we are eating it to have a bowel movement in the morning, try kale, and veggies. Thanks Caitlin.

4.) Don’t be afraid to feel as angry or as loving as you can, because when you feel nothing, it’s just death.
-Lena Horne-

5.) how is your meditation? Try and pause for 10-15 a day minimum. Sit quiet with yourself.

6.) you don’t need more then an hour to work out, you can workout in a half hour. We do not want to over train, then we start to get our adrenals over loaded. Rest. If you’ll training four days a week, your doing REALLY good.

7.) dinner beef pizza: 2lbs of beef spread out on a pizza pan, cut up your veggies and sprinkle them on top. Pop in the oven until done, 15 minutes at 375′ cook it until its done to you.

8.) how is your food journal? The first two who respond to this can send me their food journal for one week, and I will give you my opinion as to why your not meeting your goals.

9.) have you cut out your breakfast ceral? I hope so because its toxic, here is the video I put up a week or so ago

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    10.) neve, ever, NEVER, give up.



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