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Breakfast talk (real talk)

6 Dec

Are you not eating breakfast to lose weight? Not good. When we wake up we are breaking a mini fast, your in a fasted state, you need to eat or your body will continue to break down your fuel stores (glycogen) and muscle not fat, for energy.

When we eat (small meals every two or three hours) we are boosting our metabolic rate, when you skip breakfast you will get hungrier as the day goes on and you’ll end up eating more of your calories toward the end of the day as a result.

I sound like a broken record. Food is fuel. Eat every two or three hours, keep it clean and read labels.

Thank You

Ace Morgan fitness


Food is fuel.

30 Nov

hello everyone!

Food is such a big one………so I will begin here. We must think of food as fuel and not the enemy, it gives us energy, we really are what we eat and thats why I encourage clients and family and friends to eat clean.

Nutrition every two to three hours that is real talk, we are trying to keep our insulin levels even, when we wait more then three hours till our next meal our blood sugar is low and we get tired,  so we go get a coffee, coffee shops are busy at two and three because its been hours since people have eaten and don’t get me wrong I drink coffee all day and night (DO NOT TAKE AWAY MY COFFEE)  I want to suggest that you grab a healthy snack then your cup of coffee,  try it.

What  is a s healthy snack?   a protien shake, raw veggies with a hand full of almonds,  fruit and a hand full of nuts, cottage cheese. Clean. When you hear people talking about how they are working out and they have so much energy usually they are eating every two or three hours, calories going in and calories going out.

Try it tell me what you think.

Thank You.