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New Gold Star

28 Jun

Hello Everyone.

I have a new gold star.

In six weeks she has lost;

4 1/2 inches in her belly
3 1/4 inches in her hips
3 1/2 inches in her chest
3/4 inches on her thigh

4% body fat

3 pounds weight loss


How did this happen?

keeping a food log, cutting out sugar and gluten, wheat.

A lifestyle change.

She has stopped drinking diet soda, replaced it with lemon water.
eating less fruit, one or two pieces a day, more cooked veggies, eating every two or three hours.

Undo-ing old eating habits takes work. a lot of work.

It is hard to change your eating habits when the rest of the world is eating the same way we used to eat, and every time we go out to eat we are getting served all the things we are trying to stop eating, gluten, sugar, wheat.

Sugar, gluten, wheat, these three things alone, if you cut them out of your diet you will decrease inflammation in your body, also adding HEALTHY FATS! insulin levels will begin to even out, we are only meant to have a teaspoon of sugar in our blood stream.

I am so proud! here is to a longer life.

You know who you are! Congratulations.
YOU are doing an amazing job.

Keep it up.

your trainer,

Ace Morgan