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Today’s 10 tips of fitness. Sunday, December 2nd 2012

2 Dec

Todays 10 fitness tips. Sunday, December 2nd.

1.) you got this! If you have a goal and its realistic, it can happen. What is your block? You don’t know your way around the gym? Shy to run in public? Taking a group fitness class is scary? Hire a trainer to help you. They are like your training wheels, once you get the hang of it your good! You can mix it up, work with your trainer once or twice a week, do a yoga class, group fitness. Mix it up.

2.) it all about getting in our bodies…..I know easier said then done. I hear ya! Trying to undo all the years of not feeling in our bodies takes time. Why not start now, you can ask for help. Once we get ahold of our shame… We Become so free.

3.) have you tried chia seeds yet? So good and so good for you. 5g of fiber, 3G of protein, 2.5 g of omega-3. I put it in everything. Check it out, you can use it in baking, smoothies.

4.) how is your gratitude?

5.) “If I didn’t define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive. ” – Audre Lorde

6.) paleo eaters believe obesity, heart disease, and diabetes can be partially attributed, to modern diets and sedentary lifestyles.

7.) how is your foam rolling and body work in general? We are so tight, we gotta do the extra work to get that flexibility, break up that tensile strength. It should be apart of your weekly routine, acupuncture is also great to throw in, I know here in the Bay Area we have so many community clinics and straight up affordable acupuncture, go check it out.

8.) make a great music mix. Here is mine for today:

1.) chromatics- into the black
2.) chromatics- birds of paradise
3.) chromatics -lady
4.) David Bowie – five years
5.) the field – is this power
6.) jets to brazil – your having the time of my life
7.) locil – dub for cascadia
8.) mount kimbie – would know
9.) frank ocean – novacane
10.) John Lennon – working class hero
11.) beastie boys – don’t play no games I can’t win
12.) hot chip – crap craft dinner
13.) Gil scot heron – pieces of a man

9.) remember your heart is a muscle, it needs to be worked. I love my job building muscle is what I do.

10.) I am rooting for you, never give up.





10 tips of fitness, Monday November 19th

19 Nov

Today’s 10 tips of fitness – Monday November 19th 2012

1.) weigh yourself once a month (not everyday)

2.) try chia seeds

3.) no dairy today

4.) remember to breath

5.) look in the mirror and say ” I am great”

6.) walk, run, bike, swim, roller blade, play ball.

7.) look up PH balance, eat alkaline foods today.

8.) I am cheering for you!

9.) make a music mix for your workout