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Give the gift of health and fitness.

23 Nov

Gift certificates for everyone.

90 day challenge

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Fitness tip on a Monday.

10 Mar

Today’s fitness tip: slow down and remember to breath. Have a great day. AMF



Today’s 10 tips of fitness. December 26th 2012.

26 Dec

Today’s 10 tips of fitness. December 26th 2012

1.) I hope everyone is enjoying the day off, or if your working I hope your grateful for your work. I hope everyone is with great friends, family, or chosen family, at this time in the holidays and new year.

2.) Be kind to each other.

3.) Enjoy yourself. Every moment is precious. It will be hard to avoid any junk over the next week, be easy on yourself.

4.) Today’s nutrition challenge: drink enough water.

5.) Todays fitness challenge: go for a nice LONG walk with family or friends.

6.) do some visioning. What have you accomplished in 2012 in your fitness? And what do you have ahead for your goals for your fitness in 2013.

7.) today breakfast: 4 pasteurized eggs, kale bell peppers, bacon, broccoli. Scramble and enjoy.

8.) breath

9.) if your in the Bay Area like I am, (so lucky, one of the most beautiful places in earth) I hope your catching a glimpse of the sunshine like I am.





Todays 10 tips of fitness. Monday, November 26th 2012

26 Nov

Today’s 10 tips of fitness Monday November, 26th, 2012

1.) breath, we are not breathing enough, in the gym, on the job, take a deep breath.

2.) did you get a foam roller yet? It will change your body and life. It’s your homework.

3.) keep a food log, it will help you reach your goals so much faster, the are great free apps or you can just write it down on a sheet of paper. The first five people that send me there nutrition log for one weeks worth of your nutrition I will give you my opinion on what is happening. Why your not meeting goals, first five.

4.) cut out wheat/gluten

5.) start to visualize what you want to look and feel like, also how you want to be and feel at work, walking down the street, better posture.


7.) how is that gratitude list going I suggested a few days ago? When you wake up or when you go to bed, write down what your grateful for, 5-10 things.

8.) get a message, your tight, increase your flexibility.

9.) hire a trainer to help you meet your goals and push you, accountability.

10.) rest, get your sleep.


10 tips of fitness, Monday November 19th

19 Nov

Today’s 10 tips of fitness – Monday November 19th 2012

1.) weigh yourself once a month (not everyday)

2.) try chia seeds

3.) no dairy today

4.) remember to breath

5.) look in the mirror and say ” I am great”

6.) walk, run, bike, swim, roller blade, play ball.

7.) look up PH balance, eat alkaline foods today.

8.) I am cheering for you!

9.) make a music mix for your workout