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what a 60 day challenge! Done. Final photos and measurements.

20 Jul

Hello Everyone!

This 60 day challenge has been great.
I decided to do this challenge because I had a birthday coming up and I thought why not give myself a birthday gift.
I pushed myself to work harder and mix up my routine, it worked. I gained more strength and muscle, I put together a different routine every week, I inspired my clients to do a challenge for themselves, I brought a fresh workout to each client, paying close attention to the detail of their needs and goals.
My last week was really tuff cutting back on carbs, so hard to do and keeping the SODIUM DOWN, again that is food that has a long shelf life or its in plastic, most frozen foods have A LOT of sodium.
I really took this 60 day challenge serious and thats the reason I was up sunday night before my birthday working out, it was the last thing I wanted to do after putting my daughter to bed but it was the only time I could get in my workout and CARDIO.
Putting this blog out there about my 60 challenge helped me really stay in the game with it, knowing that the final photos better look different with all the talk I am talking, I better have some damn results.
I am going to do a six month challenge next year, now I am going to try and maintain and keep gaining muscle and leaning out, the roller coaster physic.
Thank You to all of my clients and friends for inspiring me to stay healthy for my mind body and spirit.
Ace Morgan

First week of 60 day challenge.

First month of 60 day challenge.

2 1/2 weeks to go on the 60 day challenge.

Final day of 60 day challenge on my birthday. 7~17~11

Final day of 60 day challenge.

Final day of 60 day challenge.

Final measurements.

Bicep eccentric 12 1/2 inches
bicep concentric 15 inches

chest 38 inches

thigh 20

calfs 14 1/4

belly button 32 inches

156 LBS

8.2% body fat