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Today’s 10 tips of fitness. December 26th 2012.

26 Dec

Today’s 10 tips of fitness. December 26th 2012

1.) I hope everyone is enjoying the day off, or if your working I hope your grateful for your work. I hope everyone is with great friends, family, or chosen family, at this time in the holidays and new year.

2.) Be kind to each other.

3.) Enjoy yourself. Every moment is precious. It will be hard to avoid any junk over the next week, be easy on yourself.

4.) Today’s nutrition challenge: drink enough water.

5.) Todays fitness challenge: go for a nice LONG walk with family or friends.

6.) do some visioning. What have you accomplished in 2012 in your fitness? And what do you have ahead for your goals for your fitness in 2013.

7.) today breakfast: 4 pasteurized eggs, kale bell peppers, bacon, broccoli. Scramble and enjoy.

8.) breath

9.) if your in the Bay Area like I am, (so lucky, one of the most beautiful places in earth) I hope your catching a glimpse of the sunshine like I am.