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7 things to change in 2017

3 Jan


Today’s 10 tips of fitness Thursday November 22nd.

22 Nov

Today’s 10 fitness tips, Thursday November 22nd.

1.) avoid eating to much sugar today

2.) be kind to yourself

3.) get out and go for a walk, run, bike ride, interval training.

4.) who we hang out with can effect our fitness goals, surround yourself with people that want to eat good and get their heart rate up also.

5.) set goals, do some visualizing, think about what is realistic. “In two months I want to loose 6 pounds”, a pound a week is healthy.

6.) overtraining can happen, you can get in a great workout in 30-45 minutes, time is an issue for all of us, keep it smarter not harder. Plan ahead before you go to the gym or go workout in the park, don’t waste time in there or out there.

7.) squeeze lemon in your water, great for PH balance.

8.) chew your food, that’s why we have teeth.

9.) keep a nutrition log, write down your food, and you’re emotions, food effects our emotions.

10.) never give up!