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Get out of your comfort zone. 

20 Sep

Looking for results?

Step out of the same routine you have been doing. What does that look like? Adding interval training or eating cleaner, less processed foods, doing full body circuits at least two or three times a week.

Prepare for your workout. Have the proper nutrition before you step on the floor and have the proper nutrition waiting for you when your done. Remember food is fuel, we get our energy from food, don’t think of it as the enemy, when your getting n proper nutrition you will have a better recovery and more energy.

Write up your workouts for the week, keep a log of what your workouts are going to be and mix it up every week, keeping track of your workouts will help you get out of that rut and it will help you get the results your looking for.

Have a great workout!

Move better feel great!



31 days of fitness in August!

24 Jul

For 31 days in August post something you do everyday with your body. 

Walk, run, stretch, yoga, swim, weights, foam roll, salt bath, anything you do to move your body for 31  days, then hashtag #acemorganfitness and #31daysoffitness 

Who’s in?

Nutrition is the battle. 

11 Sep

New Years fitness tips

31 Dec

New Years fitness tips.

1.) Be kind to yourself in 2014.

2.) slow down, remember every moment is precious.

3.) Continue to be realistic about your fitness goals, it’s less of a set up for failure.

4.) Take more salt baths.

5.) Bulk cook, you will eat better,save money and then you will pack your lunch and get less take out.

6.) Remember what got us to the place we are at, bad habits? Family origin? The people we surround ourselves with? We can change all of those things, it’s all mental, once our mind is made up, change happens.

7.) Meditate at least five minutes a day, thinking the most positive thoughts.

8.) Look in the mirror more and tell yourself that your doing a great job!

9.) Make a gratitude list in the morning or at night, set the tone for the day.



Ace Morgan


Today’s 10 tips of fitness

17 Oct

Thursday October 17th.
Today’s 10 tips of fitness:

1.) Drink water

2.) Meditate for at least 5 minutes.

3.) When your working out in the gym or outside throw in interval training. 30 seconds as hard as you can go, one minute slow, this can be done with running, burpees then walk in place, bike, stairmaster.

4.) Show up, prepare for your workout. Time can really go by in the gym (if you have time take it) I just hear my clients talk about how little tile they have, so plan your workout you can be in and out in an hour and have burned fat and built muscle all at the same time.

5.) Cook your food, prepare your food the night before or even a few days ahead, batch cook, it will change your life, how much money you spend and how much your body will change, I buy 2lbs of chicken or beef and cook it up and have it over the next few days.

6.) Eat your veggies, I call it our liquid drain-o we need the nutrients as well. Batch cook your veggies also, cook up a batch of veggies and keep it in the fridge, then you have lunch for a couple of days ready to grab.

7.) Be kind to yourself!

8.) Do some rotator cuff warm ups at least once a week. (Vary light weight, what’s light weight? 6lbs or less) remember the core of your shoulder is your rotator cuff muscles (SITS)

9.) If you want results, change your diet, and workout at least 3-4 times a week. Remember your workouts can be a half an hour.


Today’s 10 tips of fitness

11 Sep

Today’s 10 tips of fitness Wednesday September 11th

1.) Never forget

2.) Take the stairs

3.) Drink water all day

4.) Be kind to yourself

5.) Remember who’s boss

6.) Look in the mirror and say “I am beautiful”

7.) Our lives can change if we make different decisions, only you can change old habits.

8.) Set the tone for the day, wake up make your bed, tell yourself “it’s going to be a great day.

9.) Take the stairs

10.) Never give up, NEVER


10 tips of fitness I learned in NYC

22 May

Today’s 10 tips of fitness. Things I learned about fitness when in NY.

1.) It’s hard to avoid NY pizza! I enjoyed every bite.

2.) Taking the subway is a great way to stay fit, the stairs are bananas! I always say ” those who live in S.F. Have the best legs and butts, all of the hills we have.” Well, NY subways are just as intense, leg and butt building.

3.) I had some free day passes from my sisters gym, David Barton. Wow! What an amazing place. I did not know if I was entering a club or going to workout. Really great amenities, the locker rooms are great, nice and clean, the staff and trainers were really nice.

4.) Fresh vegetables are not the same in NY. I am so thankful for ALL of the vegetables I get to have EVERYDAY in California.

5.) Don’t forget your reusable water bottle when in NY, all of the walking you need your hydration! so glad I had mine, otherwise the plastic bottles are out of control.

6.) I did not eat one bagel or a kinish! I kind of cant believe it I think it’s a first. I made up with all of the pizza.

7.) Packing my snacks saved me from eating junk in the bodegas.

8.) My sister lives up three flights of stairs, my friend wiki calls it the “working class workout”, I think I will steal her line. Thank you Wiki. This was my daily workout for sure.

9.) East cost has a different politeness muscle that is being worked, it’s a tuff one, it’s a muscle you can develop over time, and it’s exhausting to work like any muscle in the body.

10.) NEVER GIVE UP! Never.


Me at David Barton Gym in NYC.