T- shirts – Tank Tops and more 

14 Sep

Email me for prices and shipping costs. 


September specials. 

3 Sep

New T-Shirt coming soon

12 Aug

Stay tuned. I just got the design today! Thank you Janelle Blarg. This is her website. 


Heavy chest with clients yesterday. 

21 Jun

A taste of Ace Morgan Fitness 

21 Jun

Shot by VG productions 


Promo photos my Kari Orvik

20 Jun


My 90 day challenge so far

7 May

Week three. Feeling great. 

This first month I am going HEAVY. The challenge so far is getting enough rest and enough calories. I am training 6!days a week, some days I am hitting they gym twice. 

Goals in this challenge? I want to gain more muscle, get body fat to 8-10% b

Birthday is July 17th. 

Let’s work!