Hello Everyone.

I want to talk a little bit about nutrition.

In my now 7 year career as a personal trainer almost Every person that meets up with me in the initial intake wants to learn about nutrition. How to eat better, how to make it a lifestyle. Over the last 3 Years now, I have learned that nutrition is the battle, just a few months ago I said it was 85% of the battle now today I am saying 90%.

I am NOT a certified nutritionist, But I can help you get on track with your nutrition. I believe that every body type is different, whether its genetics, old injuries, what works for one person might not work for another. I Help You find what will work for your body type.

Invite me to go to the grocery store with you. I take clients shopping to get them on track and get the fear out of eating in them, most of my clients under eat, they wake up and wont eat until lunch, or eat breakfast and skip lunch. Food is not the enemy it is our fuel, enjoy eating.

Every Client that works with me gets results in their nutrition. Making it a Lifestyle not just another diet trend to follow.

Thank You

Ace Morgan


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