Ace will help you get it done!!!!!!!!!!!! He has tons of knowledge on nutrition and total body fitness. Since I started working out with him my waist is getting smaller while my back, chest, shoulders, arms and legs are getting BIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!! My posture is better, I walk with my head high and shoulders back, I swear I am like an inch taller. He gives me advice on my nutrition, has me keep a food journal, and gives me motivational support. Core strength is the way to go and Ace will show you the way.
kelly sf.
Before my first session with Ace in Feb 06, my experience with the gym
was pretty minimal. But I knew I wanted to make a change and I figured
that, by using a trainer, I would at least get to know my way around
the daunting weight machines.
What I did not expect was that in those first few sessions with Ace, I
was awakened to a full and rounded system of fitness. I learned about
muscle groups and nutrition and rest and hydration. I learned about
core exercises and balance and rotations and repetitions. I learned
how to work out. And not only that, I got so much knowledge and
inspiration every week that I motivated myself to go train using what
I learned two to three other times per week. My body totally changed
and I began to change my habits to meet the challenge. Clean living.
There is so much to gain when you sign on to work with Ace. Highly,
absolutely, the most recommended ever.

Ace’s passion for fitness and overall health is infectious. He listens to
what your needs are and tailors a workout just for you! He will even help
you with your diet and nutrition. After each session with him, I left
feeling energized and motivated. Whatever your fitness goals may be… Ace
will get you there!

I started training with Ace over 3.5 years ago. I’ve struggled with chronic pain from injuries for over 11 years and had been avoiding the gym because I was intimidated and I didn’t think I’d be able to work out. When I started training with Ace I wanted to focus on: strengthening, weight loss, core strengthening. Ace has done an incredible job over the years finding workouts that work for me- that change day to day depending on my needs. I’ve lost 30 pounds, gained significant muscle and core strength, and most importantly, gained immeasurable confidence. Ace’s workouts and guidance with nutrition and cardio workouts have also been so important to my transformation. Working out is a lifestyle and something I’ve learned to love, even if it often feels like work. Ace’s patience and positive attitude are always refreshing and his approach to training is always attentive and individual. I can’t say enough positive things about Ace!
Arei D. Bay Area 1/24/11

My body has been feeling 100% better since I started working with Personal Trainer Ace Morgan. I am healing faster from old injuries. It is exciting today that I have more energy and strength while I am losing weight and increasing definition and muscle tone. Ace has also found exercises that help heal my RSI, and decrease my hip and back injuries. Ace has taught me how to use the roller for areas that are tight in my body.
I am engaged in every workout because Ace changes the routine each time. I love that each workout starts with warm-up stretches and ends with assisting stretches. I love the he curtails every workout to my individual style and needs while bringing a great attitude and professionalism. Ace Morgan has a encouraging and supporting way of training that is supportive, positive, and informative without being pushy or a drill sergeant. It’s hard work and each time I’ve finished I feel 100% better! If you are looking for a knowledgeable, positive, and energizing Personal Trainer who can help you feel better, I highly recommend Ace Morgan Fitness!
Tina D’Elia

Ace is tops!
I love working out with Ace. He always keeps the energy up and uses lots of positive motivation. The hour flys by, and before you know it you’ve worked every muscle every way. He does an amazing and totally fun boot camp on Saturday mornings at Dolores Park and actually allows you to pay a sliding scale. And if that wasn’t enough, can you say eye candy? I’ll take seconds please!
Leisa A

Ace Morgan is a gem! I found out about him through the Bay Area Health Collective. I was looking for a trainer who would help me switch up my work outs and make some changes to my nutrition. I emailed and heard back from him within an hour and we met the next day. Ace is exactly what you want a trainer to be. He is incredibly fit and clearly walks his talk. He has been a trainer for seven years and worked with hundreds of clients. During our first meeting, he spent an hour and a half with me talking about my goals and what I was looking for from my training. He told me that nutrition was 90% of the equation and with that asked me to keep a food journal that he checks once a week!! This means that I am accountable in a different way. He looks at what I am eating and talks to me about what I am going well and what I could change. I have been working out with Ace twice a week for two months. He took my measurements at the beginning and then again at 6 weeks. During that time I lost 4 ½ inches off my waist, 3 ¼ inches off my chest, and ¾ inch off my thigh and ½ inch off my arm. My body fat percentage went down 4.3% and I lost 3 pounds. Those are results! Ace is warm, kind and patient. He is keeps each work out different and pushes me even when I don’t think I can do it. He is always encouraging me and sensing when I need a challenge. I love working with Ace and would recommend him without reservation if you are committed to meeting your health and fitness goals.~ Quin

My body was falling apart. First it was my neck, then my shoulder, then my knee. I’ve been working with Ace for over a year and my core is so much stronger now. It changes the way I stand, the way I walk and how I sit. The thing I love about Ace is that I never feel judged or insecure about my weight or my abilities. He starts each person where they are, not where they “should” be. For someone with a super stressful, sit-down, be-in-charge work, student, and parenting life, I LOVE going to the gym and doing what I am told to do! I trust Ace all the way. Whatever weight or condition your body is right now, not to worry. Put yourself back on track with Ace.
m 2012

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