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11 Mar


Thank you for your votes!

3 Dec

Thank you to everyone that voted for me!

Best personal trainer!

I won best of the bay!

2 Nov

Thank you to everyone that voted for me!

How to reach me.

7 Jun

Check out my 90 day challenge.

19 May

This is a great way to get you out of a rut. Are you stuck? Do you need some new workout ideas? How is your nutrition?

Brain function and working out.

18 Apr

Check out my latest 6 minute podcast.

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Rotator cuff – I call this Pre-Hab

5 Apr

Rotator cuff warm up.

Do these two movements at least two times a week, you do not need a lot of weight, this is getting deep in the shoulder, not the deltoids but the muscles under the deltoids. Keep it light so the deltoids will not take over.

These two movements will improve your chest work, shoulder work.