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Last workout for 2015

31 Dec

Just finished my last workout for 1015.

Looking forward to what’s ahead in 2016. New beginnings.

I am going to commit to the best eating, increasing my strength training, heavier lifts, showing up to be the best trainer I can be to all of my AMAZING clients.

Happy New Year Everyone!


Sally Fallon – talks about how toxic cereal is.

19 Jan

Today’s 10 tips of fitness. Wednesday December 5th. 2012

5 Dec

Today’s 10 fitness tips. Wednesday December 5th.

1.) If you live in the Bay Area, don’t let the rain keep you down. You can put in a great home workout. Stay tuned for my workout DVD that will be out soon.

2.) holidays are here. When giving gifts, think about health, there are so many small business that you can get gift certificates for acupuncture, massage, personal training, chiropractors. Something to think about, giving the gift of self care.

3.) today’s challenge: no sugar.

4.) today’s circuit training challenge.
Warm up five minutes, jumping rope or running in place. Stretch for five minutes. Workout: (1.) 10 burpees, run in place for one minute, (2.) plank for one minute, run in place for one minute, (.3) tricep extension with dumbbells, band or cable rope , jump rope for one minute, (4.) lunge for one minute one leg then the other rotating each leg, watch your toes over your knees, run place for one minute. You can start with one set, drink water, do the second set, if you are feeling like you need more of a challenge do a third set. If hour light headed stop rest, drink water, eat something.

5.) if your in the solution, your doing a great job!

6.) why wait until the new year to get started on your fitness plan, you can start now to get ahead of the game. It’s like boot amp this time of year though, it s like the real test for your nutrition willpower, black belt style.

7. Time is an issue for EVERYONE, you need to make the best of our time when training. Get a plan together, ” ok when I get to the gym I will warm up, stretch, do 30 minutes of resistance training, then 20 minutes of cardio, cool down stretch for 5-10 minutes” bam! Your done. Nice.

8.) are you still weighing yourself everyday? Stop, just do it once a month, at the top of the month or at the end of the month.

9.) what for dinner tonight? Try some grassfed beef with some fermented kraut and a sweet potato.

10.) never, and I mean never, give up, your worth it.




Bay Area

4 Oct

So grateful for the bay area, I mean could we live in a more amazing place?
I get to train in parks and outside in areas that are such great backdrops.
I hope everyone is well and living their lives to the fullest.
I have an 88 year old neighbor named betty and she reminds me to live my life everyday.
Respect to our elders. We must listen to them.
Ace Morgan.



Video promo shoot for Ace Morgan Fitness

14 Sep

Stay tuned for video.



7 Jan

Ok everyone! one week into 2011.

It is that time of year when so many people join a gym, hire a trainer, join a fitness group, buy a workout dvd, whatever it is, if  your trying to loose weight, or just get in better shape over all right?

Ok so what is it going to take to get it done? and keep “getting it done”?

BE REALISTIC it is not going to happen in just 6 weeks that is bull, it can happen one week at a time they say a pound a week is realistic and it stays off.

Stick with the program. What ever it is you do try to get your blood pumping and increase your flexibility.  Today the heart attack is on the rise along with diabetes, so getting your heart rate up for AT LEAST 20 minutes 3 times a week and eating more fresh and clean could save your life, NOT TO BE SO DRAMATIC  but this is real talk more and more doctors are recomending their patients to hire a trainer or join a group fitness class to get the blood pumping. I will repete myself till the day I die on this one there really are two things I can guarantee, when you work out  you will feel better and live longer, how great s that.

Do it  for yourself, it is self care and that to me is self love.


stay tuned for some workout video tips and over all Ace Morgan Fitness health and care tips, cause i do give a damn.

Thank You

Ace Morgan

LL COOL J curls the ladies on the view.

3 Jan