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Six weeks before and after

8 Aug


Working out six days a week.
Doing cardio five and six days a week, only once a day.
Nutrition was the battle. I did not eat sugar, barely any bread.



Five movements to build muscle and burn fat.

29 Jul

Group fitness Monday. 2P

16 Jun

I will see you all tomorrow and EVERY Monday at 2P.

Meet in DOLORES park at the Miguel statue.

Bring water

Bring a mat

Bring yourself!

Eat at least a half an hour before you come.



Look at my amazing client jumping rope!

9 Apr


Try this!

19 Oct


Cook it in an iron skillet in two table spoons of coconut oil.

I made it with some tilapia.


Group Fitness Friday May 18th 11:30 Am -12:30 PM

17 May

Everyone Welcome.

All levels.

This Friday May 18th.

Meet at the muni overpass.

Bring a mat
Bring water

Time: 11:30-12:30

Circuit training, we will be burning fat and building muscle.

Thank you

Ace Morgan

90 day challenge.

15 Apr

Hello Everyone!

wow, what an amazing response to this 90 day challenge.

Thank You to Everyone that emailed, facebooked and everything in-between. I am still going through all of the applicants.
I will be making my decision in the next few days.

Please if you are somebody that sent me a application keep in mind that this will be public. I will be posting your photos of your progression and your weight and measurements, so if this is something you do not want, let me know so I can use a fake name for you and black out your eyes or blur your face.

who is in for the 90 day challenge with me?


This is what it will look like.

We will do measurements take photos and keep a food log.
we will check in and do measurements every six weeks.
We will meet up at my gym or the park,weigh in and do measurements and body fat.
It will be on a monday two or three different time slots to get started with the weigh in and measurements.

This is not a group workout situation, you will be working out on your own and checking in with me, I am going to throw in a group workout here and there and if you want to join me at my gym for a day pass ($15) at my gym thats fine too. This is for you to get motivated and get ideas from me to meet your goals.

This will begin in the next week.

no cost just a motivation for me and you.

I will need your permission to post your photos and measurements. I can black out your eyes and you can use a fake name since you will be so public.

Let me know what you want to work on?
what are your goals?

I am only accepting 7 participants.
Let me know A.S.A.P

Stay tuned.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Ace Morgan