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Fitness tip #1 for September.

6 Sep

Be kind to yourself.



Foam roll your adductors

5 Apr

Foam rolling is great for runners, bikers, people who sit all day, everyone. This is going to create circulation and flexibility. You can do it before and after a workout.

Foam rolling adductors.
Helps with flexibility and some knee pain.

Start at the groin and work your way to the knee. Spend at least a minute on each leg.


New Years fitness tips

31 Dec

New Years fitness tips.

1.) Be kind to yourself in 2014.

2.) slow down, remember every moment is precious.

3.) Continue to be realistic about your fitness goals, it’s less of a set up for failure.

4.) Take more salt baths.

5.) Bulk cook, you will eat better,save money and then you will pack your lunch and get less take out.

6.) Remember what got us to the place we are at, bad habits? Family origin? The people we surround ourselves with? We can change all of those things, it’s all mental, once our mind is made up, change happens.

7.) Meditate at least five minutes a day, thinking the most positive thoughts.

8.) Look in the mirror more and tell yourself that your doing a great job!

9.) Make a gratitude list in the morning or at night, set the tone for the day.



Ace Morgan


Tuesday lunch

12 Nov

Hello Everyone,

I just made this amazing lunch for my girlfriend and myself. Here is the recipe.

Grass fed beef with an egg in 1 1/2 pounds of beef, with some sea salt. Cooked in coconut oil.

Onions cooked separate in bacon fat.

Kale and red cabbage cooked in ghee, with shallots.

Sweet potato chips sliced as thin as
I could cooked in coconut oil
With sea salt and garlic powder. 50 minutes.

Avocado slices.




31 Oct

Hello Everyone,

Here is a little workout video for you, this is an all levels workout.

If you need more of a challenge remember you can do two or three rounds of the movements. To make it more of a challenge.



Have a great day.

Ace Morgan


Burn fat and build muscle

2 Aug

Try these five movements.

Keep your belly button pulled into the spine.
Remember to breath, try one set, see how you feel then do another set.

This is a full body workout, you are using everything, stay focused.


Gold star client!

2 Jul

Name of client Q.

Today is one year of working with this gold star. We have been in the parks and the gym. This journey began June 28th 2012.

During our intake the goals Q laid out in front of me were: “I want to feel better and have more energy”. I said, “no problem” I always say: ” this can happen, if you wanted to grow a third arm, not my department, move better and feel great? I got this”. And Q said “by my birthday on July 2nd 2013 I want to be in the best shape!”

Q’s background: lots of strength training, power lifting, heavy dead lifts, vary strong! The strength was there. Q was and has been motivated, every workout showing up 110%.
The nutrition was the biggest shift right away, cutting out diet soda and drinking water, cutting out gluten, or all things white.

We did measurements right away!
The homework I always give is keep a nutrition log. Q brought nutrition log every time we trained and so I had a detailed food log to look at and give feedback. Doing a daily food log you will see results quickly. this way we can see the times of day you are eating. Q was also training outside of our workouts.

I am so proud! I love to see my clients having more energy and moving in the world so different; posture improving you name it.

You got this Q!
Have the best birthday!

Total weight loss – 35 pounds
Body fat lost 5.6%

Inches lost-
Belly button- lost 6 1/4 inches
Hips – 5 1/2 inches
Chest – 6 3/4 inches
Bicep in eccentric – 1/14 inches
Bicep in concentric – 2 inches
Middle thigh – 1 1/2 inches
Calf – 2 inches

Check out the same outfit from day one to today!

First image was taken June 2012

<a href=””&gt;20130702-164852.jpg


Have a great day!

Ace Morgan