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Today’s 10 FREE tips of fitness.

4 Nov

today’s 10 tips of free fitness

November fourth 2013!

1.) Drink water first thing in the morning. We get so dehydrated at night. when we get up, most of us put coffee in our system first thing, try water then coffee.

2.) How is your breakfast? Get your healthy fats and veggies in there. Eat the whole egg. That yolk is good for your brain.

3.) what’s your motivator? A workout buddy? A music mix? An app? Find something that will get you motivated, that could be setting a goal for either numbers/ measurements for your body or numbers on any cardio machines or how much weight your lifting, how many pull ups or push ups you can do? Keep a log.

4.) Make gratitude list. Things your grateful for, it helps set the tone for the day or before bed.

5.) Only we, you, or I can really can change the way we think. Look in the mirror and say ” I am great, I am doing a good job”

6.) Are you tired of hearing yourself say the same thing over and over? Remember we effect everyone around us, responsibility.


8.) Keep working on your rotator cuff muscles, they need to get strong before we can get in heavy chest, also improves posture! Keep it light. This is what I like to call a pre-hab thing.

9.) batch cook, get at least a pond and a half of all,of your meats, stock your freezer, this way you will, have enough for a few meals. Save money at lunch.






No group fitness Monday October 30th.

29 Sep

Hello Everyone,

There will be NO group fitness for the next two weeks.

Have a great Couple of weeks ahead.

Be Well



Today’s 10 tips of fitness

11 Sep

Today’s 10 tips of fitness Wednesday September 11th

1.) Never forget

2.) Take the stairs

3.) Drink water all day

4.) Be kind to yourself

5.) Remember who’s boss

6.) Look in the mirror and say “I am beautiful”

7.) Our lives can change if we make different decisions, only you can change old habits.

8.) Set the tone for the day, wake up make your bed, tell yourself “it’s going to be a great day.

9.) Take the stairs

10.) Never give up, NEVER


Today’s 10 tips of fitness.

19 Aug

10 tips of fitness

1.) Be kind to yourself

2.) Get out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself. If you have been doing the same routine for a few months, time to switch it up.

3.) Do interval training, 30 seconds as hard as you can go then one minute of rest, do this for 10 minutes, if it’s easy do 15 and if that is easy do 20. If you feel faint STOP. you will burn more fat in a shorter amount of time.

4.) Eat Kale!

5.) check out a farmers market in your area get your eggs and veggies there some even have meat, get you r food the freshest.

6. Take a salt bath, ahhhh I always sleep better and it help with muscle Soreness. It is great!

7.) think about the shelf life in the food you eat, if it’s in a box or wrapped up in plastic it’s probably not good for you.

8.) look at serving sizes, often you will finish off something and it was a two or three serving size item.

9.) take the stairs

10.) NEVER give up, NEVER!



Gold star client!

2 Jul

Name of client Q.

Today is one year of working with this gold star. We have been in the parks and the gym. This journey began June 28th 2012.

During our intake the goals Q laid out in front of me were: “I want to feel better and have more energy”. I said, “no problem” I always say: ” this can happen, if you wanted to grow a third arm, not my department, move better and feel great? I got this”. And Q said “by my birthday on July 2nd 2013 I want to be in the best shape!”

Q’s background: lots of strength training, power lifting, heavy dead lifts, vary strong! The strength was there. Q was and has been motivated, every workout showing up 110%.
The nutrition was the biggest shift right away, cutting out diet soda and drinking water, cutting out gluten, or all things white.

We did measurements right away!
The homework I always give is keep a nutrition log. Q brought nutrition log every time we trained and so I had a detailed food log to look at and give feedback. Doing a daily food log you will see results quickly. this way we can see the times of day you are eating. Q was also training outside of our workouts.

I am so proud! I love to see my clients having more energy and moving in the world so different; posture improving you name it.

You got this Q!
Have the best birthday!

Total weight loss – 35 pounds
Body fat lost 5.6%

Inches lost-
Belly button- lost 6 1/4 inches
Hips – 5 1/2 inches
Chest – 6 3/4 inches
Bicep in eccentric – 1/14 inches
Bicep in concentric – 2 inches
Middle thigh – 1 1/2 inches
Calf – 2 inches

Check out the same outfit from day one to today!

First image was taken June 2012

<a href=””&gt;20130702-164852.jpg


Have a great day!

Ace Morgan

Set the tone for the day.

23 May

Set the tone for your day.

1.) “it’s going to be a great day”

2.) “I am grateful for the food in my refrigerator”

3.) “I am what I eat”

4.) ” I am going to make my bed and eat a great breakfast”

5.)” I am going to plan my workouts for the week”

6.)” I am going to be kind to myself. ”

7.) “I am going to drink water throughout my day and squeeze some lemon in, because its good for my PH -balance.”

8.) “I am going to eat my vegetables because they are good for my body and its like my liquid dran-o.”

9.) “when I take care of myself, I am being a role model for my family.”

10.) NEVER GIVE UP! Never.



10 tips of fitness I learned in NYC

22 May

Today’s 10 tips of fitness. Things I learned about fitness when in NY.

1.) It’s hard to avoid NY pizza! I enjoyed every bite.

2.) Taking the subway is a great way to stay fit, the stairs are bananas! I always say ” those who live in S.F. Have the best legs and butts, all of the hills we have.” Well, NY subways are just as intense, leg and butt building.

3.) I had some free day passes from my sisters gym, David Barton. Wow! What an amazing place. I did not know if I was entering a club or going to workout. Really great amenities, the locker rooms are great, nice and clean, the staff and trainers were really nice.

4.) Fresh vegetables are not the same in NY. I am so thankful for ALL of the vegetables I get to have EVERYDAY in California.

5.) Don’t forget your reusable water bottle when in NY, all of the walking you need your hydration! so glad I had mine, otherwise the plastic bottles are out of control.

6.) I did not eat one bagel or a kinish! I kind of cant believe it I think it’s a first. I made up with all of the pizza.

7.) Packing my snacks saved me from eating junk in the bodegas.

8.) My sister lives up three flights of stairs, my friend wiki calls it the “working class workout”, I think I will steal her line. Thank you Wiki. This was my daily workout for sure.

9.) East cost has a different politeness muscle that is being worked, it’s a tuff one, it’s a muscle you can develop over time, and it’s exhausting to work like any muscle in the body.

10.) NEVER GIVE UP! Never.


Me at David Barton Gym in NYC.