Today’s 10 tips of fitness – April – 22nd – 2013

22 Apr

Today’s 10 tips of fitness April 22nd 2013

1.) Do you live in the Bay Area? get out and enjoy this weather! Wow, it is bananas nice!

2.) How many days a week are you training at the moment? If your trying to reach some goals by summer, ah-hem, then you can train 4-5 days a week, just don’t over do it! Get in a circuit training every other day, not more then 45 minutes, you don’t need to be in the gym training for hours. Smarter not harder. Remember next year to get your training in at the begging of the year, not in the middle of the year. It can take 6 months to a year to meet your goals.

3.) How is your food log? That accountability is so great for meeting goals. There are so many apps out there, or just write it down in a note pad.

4.) Don’t forget to warm up before you train, get the nervous system and your muscles warm, simple static stretches then resistance training.

5.) Do your cardio after your workout, save your sugar levels for your cardio.

6.) Find a gym buddy, it will motivate you and you will get better results.

7.) How is your veggie intake? I say every meal, eat your veggies, it’s our liquid drain-o it gives us nutrients, great for our skin.

8.) Plan your workout before you arrive, Monday chest and back, Wednesday arms and shoulders, Friday legs. Time is precious. Make the best of your time.

9.) Are you showing up two or three days a week in your workouts? you should be getting results, 4 days your an animal. Your maintaining when you train 1-2 days a week, we need to use our muscles, muscle burns fat, and resistance training, helps with bone density. Keep your nutrition clean, whole foods, if he shelf life is more then two weeks it’s probably not real food.
10.) NEVER GIVE UP! Never.

Ace Morgan



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