Today’s 10 tips of fitness. December 6th, 2012

6 Dec

Today’s 10 fitness tips. Thursday December, 6th.

1.) slow down when eating, chew your food. ( I wrote this one last night, while eating dinner with a shovel)

2.) how is the lemon water I suggested? Remember, this is a great way to get that PH balance up, we want more alkalizing foods, lemons is high on the list, that’s why I say first thing in the morning.

3.) self care = self love

4.) fitness can take care of the stress around us. We can get our heart rate up anyplace. When your done working out, you will feel better, make the time. this can be 10 minutes, again TIME is something we ALL need more of, we have a baby, we have a bay and work, we have a kid, work, and a relationship, you name it there is not enough time. I will suggest you schedule it like a dentist appointment or a therapy appointment. We can make the time. It can be a 15 minute workout. Lets see if we can do it.

5.) today’s challenge no wheat, or sugar.

6.) today’s snack, almond butter and apples with lemon water.

7.) dinner: cook chicken in coconut oil, sweet potato, kale (cook in a table spoon of bacon fat)

8.) look in the mirror and say “I am great!”

9.) today’s fitness challenge : walk 1 minute, jog 30seconds, sprint 30 seconds, repeat for 15 minutes. This can be done at home (running in place) outside, or on a treadmill. Good luck.

10. NEVER GIVE UP! This is your life, move better and feel great.





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