My 90 day challenge so far

7 May

Week three. Feeling great. 

This first month I am going HEAVY. The challenge so far is getting enough rest and enough calories. I am training 6!days a week, some days I am hitting they gym twice. 

Goals in this challenge? I want to gain more muscle, get body fat to 8-10% b

Birthday is July 17th. 

Let’s work!



Personal 90 day challenge 

18 Apr

Every year I give my self a 90 day challenge before my birthday. 

A great way to celebrate getting older instead of feeling defeated. 


Get out of your comfort zone. 

13 Apr

Choose your surroundings wisely. 

22 Mar


I now have an 8AM in San Francisco. 

16 Mar

I now have an 8AM open in San Francisco. on Wednesdays I train at fitness SF at the 9th and Brannon location.

See the inside with the images below.

Free parking

Access to five locations 


Great staff

Email at acemorganfitness@gmail

Or call – 510-459-8202

Have a great day. 



Look me up today! 

9 Jan

One on one training – buddy workouts.

Recovery is just as important as the workout. 

2 Jan

Try a salt bath. 

2 pounds of baking soda

3 pounds of Epsom salt.  

Stir it up and soak. 



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