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10 Sep

Best personal trainer
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Fitness tip #1 for September.

6 Sep

Be kind to yourself.


Friday motivation

5 Sep


Move better, feel great.


Fitness tip #7 August

22 Aug

P A U S E ………….listen.




Take my 90 day challenge

8 Aug

When we do anything for 90 days we are going to see change.

We will do measurements the first day and at the first of each month, you will do a food log and get homework for your training on your own, this is accountability, results will happen.

This is a challenge for yourself, something you can do to end the year right!


Bone broth – Seven reasons

4 Aug IMG_8508

Seven reasons to make it, drink it and feel better from it, Bone broth.

It is so cheap and easy to make.

# 1 reduces joint pain - this is because of the chondroitin sulphates, glucosamine, boiled down from the cartilage.

# 2 Helps inflammation - Amino acids such as glycine, proline, and arginine all have anti-inflammatory effects. Glycine also has calming effects which help you sleep better.

# 3 Promotes strong, healthy bones - There are high amounts of calcium, magnesium, and other nutrients that play a big role in bone formation.

# 4 Helps fight colds and flu viruses.

# 5 Helps digestion – Leaky gut.

# 6 Easy to make 

# 7 Healthier than buying supplements


Here are some photos of my process and the recipe.


Here are the bones 31/2 pounds, put in a crock pot


Pour a table spoon or two on the bones, it helps pull out the nutrients.


Fill the crock pot up with water.


This is the bones in the crock-pot boiling for 30 hours.


I put in in containers for the freezer and for my fridge…….and


containers to give away.

- 31/2 pounds of organic grass fed bones

- Three carrots

- Three table spoons of apple cider vinegar 

- 7 cloves of garlic

- Three stocks of celery 

cooked in the crock pot for 24-30 hours.


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August special

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